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Boston’s Locksmith – Your locksmith in Boston

If you’re updating the appearance of your house to give it more curb appeal, you can do so by painting the door and buying new hardware for it. While replacing a doorknob or lock isn’t complicated, hiring a locksmith in Boston allows you to choose from a wide variety of locking mechanisms and have them professionally installed to secure your house. When looking for a locksmith Boston, our company has years of experience and a solid reputation for selling locks and providing locksmith Boston services to secure your property and family. services to secure your property and family.

Residential Locksmith

To protect your property and family from burglary or home invasions, you may need to update the locks on your home. Along with having new door locks installed, you should call our locksmith Boston experts to assess your window locks as well. Older homes often have flimsy window locks, but we sell stronger and install strong locks to help completely secure your home. Residents in any of the neighborhoods in Boston, MA can be the victims of home invasions, but our sturdy window and door locks can deter them and protect your family and property from dangerous criminals.

Commercial Locksmith

Keeping property and inventory secure is vital to making your business profitable. We are a commercial locksmith service who has several options for securing your building. Instead of using keys to enter a secure area, such as the offices, our locksmith Boston technicians can install a keypad lock. This prevents needing to make new keys whenever personnel changes are made and, with some systems, you can log who enters the offices each day. If security is important for your business, our locksmith experts can assess your building and make recommendations for the best security locks for your needs.

Auto/Car Locksmith

The last thing drivers want to do in the winter is go outside to warm up a cold car. Fortunately, local car owners with a transponder key can start their vehicles from inside their houses. If you lose your car keys, we are an experienced locksmith Boston residents have used for years that provides vehicle locksmith services. We can replace and reprogram the key so it works with your vehicle’s transponder chip. Then you can start your car from your house while it remains locked. Our local company provides locksmith Boston experts for all types of vehicles.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

Accidentally locking yourself out of your car or house doesn’t just happen from nine to five on the weekdays. Instead, it happens at inopportune times like when you’re already late for work. Fortunately, we have a locksmith 24 hours a day to help you get back into your home or car. They can open your door lock and replace it or a locksmith Boston expert can extract a broken key from the ignition of your vehicle and cut a new key. If you’ve been locked out of your home or car, contact our 24 7 lockout service to get back in.